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       GB - Georg Bramm


       $ bramm --contact
         ·  georg.bramm 'at'
         · github, linkedin  48.267354, 11.665017

       $ bramm --about
         > it-security, applied cryptography, privacy, anonymity, 
           decentralized protocols, hacking
         > There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on 
           me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My 
           phone is spying on me.' (Philip K. Dick, 1982)

         · now  - researcher @Fraunhofer AISEC
         · 2014 - coauthor of the Emu-webApp


         ¬ Courses at TUM
           · Applied Cryptography (Seminar)
           · Data Privacy Technologies (Seminar)
           · Privacy for NoSQL/Graph Databases (Lecture)

         ¬ Supervised Thesis
           · RkNN query on encrypted multi-dimensional data
           · KNN on Encrypted Geospatial Data
           · Range Query over Encrypted Geospatial Data
           · A searchable encrypted Doc. Collection using ABE
           · Evaluation of Outsourced Private Set Intersection 
           · Forward and Backward Privacy in Dynamic Searchable Encryption 


       [bib] G. Bramm, "cipherPath: Efficient Traversals 
             over Homomorphically Encrypted Paths", 2020.
       [bib] M. Schanzenbach, G. Bramm, and J. Schütte, “reclaimid: 
             Secure, self-sovereign identities using name systems and 
             attribute-based encryption”, in 2018 17th IEEE 
             International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy 
             In Computing And Communications/12th IEEE International 
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       [bib] G. Bramm, M. Gall, and J. Schütte, “Blockchain-based 
             distributed attribute based encryption”, 2018. 
       [bib] R. Winkelmann and G. Raess, “Introducing a web application 
             for labeling, visualizing speech and correcting derived 
             speech signals.,” in LREC, pp. 4129–4133, 2014. 

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